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NUX NDS-2 BrownieDistortionShopping for a British distortion pedal? Try the NUX Brownie!The Classical British rock tones of the 1970’s, packed into one little box.How it works? By using a hybrid of circuits, we created truly unique pre-amp and power tube distortion characteristics. You’ll be amazed to hear the warm, organic tone that’s reproduced.Brownie has a specially designed BJT input stage causing it to “break-up” when the preamp tube starts to distort. It also has an asymmetrical clipping circuit letting you simulate some of the characteristics of an actual tube amplifier. It also keepsthe bottom-end tight by processing bass frequencies which can get muddy when distorted.Nux Brownie uses a low-pass tone control filter to simulate the Variac effect (by lowering the voltage going into the amplifier) for rounding-off your tone. The range of tone is controlled yet perfect for dialing-in the high-end response.The power clipping circuit is crafted from a modern low-noise op-amp and 2 red LEDs. It can create symmetrical clipping that distorts both halves of the signal keeping the sound smooth. True bypass circuits with a high quality TPDP mechanical foot-switch gives the bypass its phenomenal signal clarity.