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Atom Hart - Atom Hart (12"EP VINYL)

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Side A: Abc // Ball And Chain     //     Side B: Pass On The Crown // Dice Man 

Vocals: Sverre Olav Rødseth  //  Keyboards, Electronics, Backing vocals: Anders Hunstad  //  Guitars + Bass: Espen Helvig  //  Drums: Roger Bjørnstad  //  Saxophone + Guitar: Øyvind Røsrud 

* Denne Ep'en er en særs etterlengtet første-lyd fra flere Romerikshelter som inkluderer medlemmer fra Satyricon, Bermuda Triangle, Landlords, Wolves Like Us, Ravana m.fl.De to ledestjernene i bandet, Anders Hunstad og Sverre Olav Rødseth, har møysommelig jobbet frem fire låter, som utgjør  denne forsmaken på et kommende album.

Lydbildet blir meget interessant, særegent og helt spesielt, med bakgrunn i inspirasjonskildene til de ulike medlemmene.

Her forteller Anders Hunstad i et intervju om tilblivelsen av prosjektet og tankene rundt Atom Hart: 

What makes rock and black metal musicians from the snowy mountains of Norway come together to indulge in 80s inspired New Wave/Pop music with a progressive twist?

 “The first A-ha record changed my life”, explains Anders Hunstad, keyboard player and songwriter in AtomHart.

For the past 7 years he has been touring with Norwegian black metal band Satyricon. But that is something that happened almost by coincidence.

“I did session-work on an industrial metal record in 2000 (Norwegian grammy-award winning “Sense Anima” ) and I had gotten to know some of the guys in this scene. He asked me to join his newly formed band Sarke in 2008. We played some festivals but after a while the guitar player was drafted in to the live-lineup of Dimmu Borgir. Steinar Gundersen, guitarist for Satyricon then joined Sarke so after a while he asked me to join them on keyboards in 2011. It has been a hell of a ride and very educational for me, playing with a band at this level.”

But all throughout there was a strong will and passion for the project that ended up being AtomHart, a band that saw the light of day in 2015. “We share a common passion for melodic, melancholic, adventurous pop-music with a beat you can move to. I think the vision for the band was pretty clear, there would be dreamy guitars and of course a lot of synths and electronics.. But musical inspirations ca range from edgy post-punk to the New Romantics classics. It can inspire nostalgia and still feel like modern, contemporary music.” 

In the early nineties there was a certain trend in these parts of Norway, the east side suburbs of Oslo. There was a strong desire to make progressive music, usually with a grungy vibe at the core. All the members of the recently formed AtomHart where involved in this scene throughout the nineties. Sverre Rødseth, (vocals) and myself, went back to the roots and formed The Landlords in the first half of the noghties,a classic Depeche Mode inspired synth-pop outfit.

“There was a lot of great things happening in Norway at that time, with the release of the Røyksopp album, and we were once again drawn to the Tromsø scene, like 10 years earlier with the likes of Biosphere and Bel Canto. I was touring at the time with Aggie Frost and Per Martinsen (Mental Overdrive )and this was a great experience for me. In the same period I was doing live session work with my long time favourites  Briskeby, a band that was huge in Norway at the time.”

From 2006 Rødseth and Hunstad were involved with the band Bermuda Triangle, when Rødseth was asked to take over the vocal duties after the previous singer, Alex Møklebust, left to pursue reunion tours with his band Seigmen.

Bermuda Triangle released 3 albums and toured in Europe, Canada and the U.S.

AtomHart is now presenting their self titled debut-EP with four songs attached.

-There seems to be something familiar with one of the titles, is it safe to assume that the song “Dice man” is inspired by the 1971 novel by the same name?

-Yes, that book really inspired me the first time I read it, about 10 years ago.

I really liked the mix of shockingly inappropriate humour with tragic depictions on fate and love.


Alle låtene er innspilt og mikset hos Øyvind Gundersen i Brageveien studios, sommeren og høsten 2018.